For dates and locations please see the detailed list of events.

We provide a platform to people who are interested in THE JOURNEY™, where they can inform themselves about THE JOURNEY™ on the spot, they learn about the process work and its transforming effects on a cellular level. Journey Practitioners talk about their experiences in the therapeutic work with THE JOURNEY ™ and answer questions.
In addition to that, we point at events taking place like Journey seminars and other journey-related upcoming events.

Swap meetings
For graduates of the Journey Intensive Seminar, Journey Practitioners in Training and accredited Journey Practitioners.
Swap meetings are a great opportunity to integrate and continue using the Journey and its tools, especially if you do not have a process partner easily available.
These swap meetings are organised by Journey Practitioner volunteers, usually in the afternoons or evenings or on weekends.
For dates and locations please see the detailed list of events.
Registration is required at least 3 days beforehand and there is a small fee to cover venue expenses.

Intensive Seminars
There are different intensive seminars:
the classic Journey Intensive Seminar
the Stop the Food Fight Seminar

In both seminars (or workshops), the core elements of the Journey - the Emotional Journey and the Physical Journey - are taught and applied. The only difference between the classic Journey Intensive Seminar and Stop the Food Fight! is that in the latter you work on specific (life) themes: namely (unhealthy) consumption habits.

Important for you to know: As a graduate of any one of these intensive seminars, you are welcome to attend our one-day workshops and swap meetings.

Classic Journey Intensive Seminar
This seminar is offered throughout Europe. The Journey Intensive weekend is designed to give you a direct and lasting EXPERIENCE of The Journey method. You also become familiar with the process work, so that you can apply it in all areas of your life yourself. You do this by going through your own personal self-discovery process. This means that you put the spotlight on your own inner unresolved issues, in order to face and resolve them - to free yourself.
Whenever possible, these Journey Intensive seminars are offered in Switzerland - see events listing.
For more information on seminars in Europe and worldwide, see www.thejourney.com.

Stop the Food Fight (in partnership with CLC - Conscious Leadership Coaching)
The focus of this seminar, as the name implies, is on (unhealthy) eating and drinking issues, which may show up as being over- or under-weight, or you might even have a "uncomfortable-in-my-skin" feeling –for no visible reason.
During these two days you will work intensively on your own issues and learn specific techniques on how to get to the root cause of your unhealthy patterns and habits, and change them in a wholesome and lasting way. You can also apply these techniques in other areas of your life where you want to make a change.
Please note: the seminar language is in German. English processwork is possible provided that there are enough English speaking participants. Find out at: www.stopthefoodfight.org.

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